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Recently I needed a new micro-USB cable. When I saw the number of options available, I decided to go on a quest to find the best one. In the end, I choose the Anker PowerLine Micro USB. Its durability, affordable price point and long-lasting service as a result, were what made my sale. Now that I’ve used it in a variety of different settings for a few months, and I couldn’t be happier!


First of all, let me tell you what I do. I work with computers. Not in a casual weekend way, but as a profession. I own a consultancy on computer networking for small- to mid-sized businesses. I also am on call for my family who are consistently in need of computer help. Sometimes I have to help a business owner get their office in order and sync up their devices. Other times I have to export critical data to external drives for portable use.

I tell you this because I want you to see how when I look for a product, I want something versatile and that will work in a variety of different arenas. I don’t want a USB that ONLY works for someone who uses the internet or their computer every other weekend. I don’t want a USA that ONLY works for business owners with high-use needs. I want something that is 1) affordable, 2) versatile, 3) durable and 4) high-quality. Having said that, I have tested thousands of different accessories for my clients. I know what quality is and I know how to pick best due to my years of experience.


If you do a simple search for micro-USBs you are going to find thousands of choices. Just consider its uses- almost every portable device out there charges by using a micro-USB. It will have the standard USB Type-A on one side and then the USB 2.0 Micro-B on the other. If you have an external drive, you also use micro-USBs for data transfer and power.

Needless to say a micro-USB has many uses and because of that, the one you pick is an important decision. I did my own research using my 4-point criteria: affordable, versatile, reliable and high-quality. Testing included taking different micro-USBs to work-sites with me, taking them on customer visits, and using them for my own personal tasks.

After testing numerous options, what I noticed was that extended use knocked a lot of my studies out of contention. The biggest issue was my continued use but also storage. I, like most people, tend to man-handle accessories. You know those people who neatly tie up their cables and cords, possibly label them and know exactly where to find them? I’m not one of them! And, I have a tackle box and a car trunk to prove it.

Because of this, durability probably rose to the top of my 4-point criteria. I was left with a few options in my research and one stand out…


In the end, after all my usage and abuse, I picked the Anker PowerLine Micro-USB. Here are my main reasons why I chose this USB:

1) It’s made of Kevlar. You aren’t going to have any problems with breaking or cracking as a result. The manufacturer states that it’s made of “bulletproof” Kevlar fibers. This was evident because of how well it stood up to my repeated use in different settings.

2) It is super-fast at charging. The extra thick gauge wiring give the fastest charge possible. If you don’t have a lot of down time or if you’re just impatient, this is the micro-USB that works best repeatedly.

3) It has reinforced stress points that have a bend-extending lifespan. Because of this, it is one of the most durable USBs on the market.

4) This micro-USB comes with the Anker Advantage, which means that it has their top-notch advancements in technology. It also comes with an 18-month warranty that can ease anyone’s mind. This is unusual when it comes to lower price pointed items but because of the Kevlar technology, it’s something they easily stand behind.

In the end, the Anker micro-USBs was chosen primarily because of two things: its price and its durability. If you examine the cord itself, you can see how well-constructed it is. The fact that it stands up and is well within the “cost-efficient” heading on price, makes it the perfect cable for multiple use.

Add to that the Anker guarantee that states their cords are built for a lifespan of over 10,000 bends, which is about double any other company, and built to last 10-times longer than other cable products.


One thing that I am always on the lookout for when working and using my computer software is prolonging lifespan of cables. With the Anker you can always watch out for lifespan by unplugging it from a device by the housing, rather than jerking the cable. Also, be sure to wrap your cables loosely and never bend them tightly. The Anker PowerLine Micro-USB is built to last but developing good habits with your cables won’t hurt!


So the conclusion to my quest for the best micro-USB is complete. I pick the Anker PowerLine Micro USB because of its Kevlar fiber construction, great price and speed. Whether you’re looking for commercial use at the office, or your personal use at home, this is a great product that likely will suit your needs perfectly!

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