Apple Sells Nine Million New iPhones in First Weekend

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For Apple, the release of two new iPhone models has already resulted in nearly double the sales of previous releases.

Apple said on Monday it sold nine million new iPhones over the first weekend that the phones, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, went on sale.

That compares with five million iPhone 5 smartphones sold last year in that model’s first weekend.

Friday’s release marked the first time Apple released two new iPhones instead of one. It was also the first time it released iPhones at the same time in multiple countries around the world, including China.

“This is our best iPhone launch yet,” said Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, in a statement. He said the company had already sold out of the more expensive model, the iPhone 5S, but more shipments were on the way.

The company did not say how many of each model was sold, but it had expected the iPhone 5S, the more expensive one, to be the more popular. Apple allowed customers to place early online orders for the cheaper 5C but not the 5S because of expected supply constraints.

Sales of the new iPhones topped analysts’ expectations. They had predicted Apple would sell between five million and eight million.

The strong sales should give Apple a much-needed boost. Over recent quarters, its revenue has been flat and its profit growth has slowed. And its stock has taken a beating on Wall Street amid investors’ concerns that the company had lost its ability to innovate after the death of its visionary co-founder, Steven P. Jobs. Its stock opened Monday with a gain of about 5 percent.

“Remarkable. The rumors of Apple’s demise are clearly wrong,” said Laurence Isaac Balter, chief market strategist at Oracle Investment Research, which has clients that own Apple shares.

The sales figures apparently exceeded even Apple’s expectations. After announcing the numbers, the company issued updated financial guidance for investors. The company said that while it had previously forecast between $34 billion and $37 billion in revenue, it now expects revenue to be toward the high end of that range.

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iPhone 5s Cat’s Paw Test

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One of the biggest new features of Apple’s new iPhone 5S smartphone is its high-tech fingerprint sensor called Touch ID. But it looks like it can read more than just human skin.

TechCrunch tried out the sensor on a cat’s paw and successfully unlocked the device. Just like with human fingerprints, the paw would have to be programmed to the iPhone 5S for access. Check out the video above to watch how it worked.

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The Touch ID sensor reportedly works on other parts of the human skin, too, including the palm of the hand and forearm.

Several security concerns surround the fingerprint sensor, but we haven’t seen any full hacks just yet. However, a group of hackers and security researchers have pledged to reward the first successful hacker with $13,000, more than $800 worth of Bitcoin, a pornographic book and a few bottles of wine, tequila, bourbon and whiskey.

A Wall Street Journal report last week revealed that if you leave your iPhone 5S untouched for 48 hours straight, you won’t be able to use the device’s fingerprint scanner to wake it up. Instead, you’ll need to resort to the more traditional method of plugging in your passcode. The same goes for logging into your phone after a reboot.

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New Old Xbox 360 Next to the New Xbox One

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Microsoft, for some reason, decided to breathe new life into the aging Xbox 360 by giving itanother facelift. This time, it was done to match the design ethos of the Xbox One. But where the Xbox One looks bold and retro future and almost quietly intimidating, the new old Xbox 360 looks like a cheap mini PC tower. At least they match?

The Xbox One looks pretty gargantuan next to the new old Xbox 360 but that tends to happen when you’re sprawled out on the floor and have hard lines where curves used to be. The new old Xbox 360 seems to be a similar size to the old Xbox 360 (not to be confused by the old old Xbox 360 aka the first 360) but lacks any differentiating form. It’s just… there. To be fair, it has the side vents of the old 360 and kind of looks like the first 360’s design with an un-scrunched middle.

Whatever. You’re not going to really buy this 360 are you?

Source: Gizmodo

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