Mi-Fone Launches Obama Phone (oPhone) In Kenya

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Barack Obama, the first African American to be elected as President-elect of America has won the hearts of many of America’s citizens and even those from Kenya.  Barack’s father Barack Sr. was born in the Nyanza Province of Kenya.  Mi-Fone (BVI) Limited of Kenya has designed a phone for all the Obama fans out there, but it is only available in Kenya.

This is one of the cheaper phones that Mi-Fone has manufactured.  But there is a big Obama logo on the back to show people how patriotic you are.  There is also an O on the main button.  Perhaps it’s time for Obama to switch from his Blackberry.


United Airlines Gearing Up To Launch In-Flight WiFi

January 15 2009No Commented

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United Airlines stated that they will be offering Wi-Fi to passengers on some flights between New York and California by the second half of this year.  The service will be called Gogo and will be provided by Aircell LLC.  Gogo provides a similar service for American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Virgin America, and Air Canada.

United has 13 Boeing 757 planes that fly between JFK airport in New York and LA International/San Francisco International.  The in-flight WiFi will cost roughly $12.95.  In-flight WiFi has been talked about for quite some time now, but rolling out the technology took longer than planned.  American Airlines first started testing the service in the middle of 2007.

Southwest Airlines already has Wi-Fi rolled out for some of their planes provided by Row 44 at a speed of 30 Mbps using satellite systems.  Row 44 uses the Hughes satellite network and is also working with Alaska Airlines.  Row 44 is a privately funded company.


The Pentagon Plans To Install 4,000 LEDs Into Wedge 5

January 11 2009No Commented

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The Pentagon in Washington D.C. has decided to go green.  Clean Technica has it that the Department of Defense has decided to install 4,000 LED fixtures to illuminate Wedge 5 of the governmental building. The company working on this project is called Cree and the LEDs will reduce power consumption by about 22%.

The Department of Energy reported that LED lights saved USA 8.7 trillion watt hours in 2007.  The cost is about $380 per fixture.  Installing the LEDs was written about in Title III of a Department of Defense program: “promote creation and strengthening of domestic industrial capabilities to support national security needs.”

The LED program is expected to pay for itself within four years.

[via Clean Technica]

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