New Line Of Sony Bravias Will Turn Off When No One Is In The Room

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In order to preserve energy, a new line of Sony Bravia televisions will automatically turn off when no one is in the room.  The Bravia V5 line of TVs will have a small sensor under the display screen that is able to tell whether there are people in the room.  If someone leaves, then the LCD screen will cut off power.  When someone returns, the TV will turn back on.  This will reduce energy consumption by 50% during the time that display switches off.

Sound and other circuits will remain turned on for roughly thirty minutes.  After that, the TV will go into standby mode.

Aside from standby and automatic detection, the Sony V5 Bravia lines will use less power than the V1 sets released last year.  The 40 inch V5 will consume 129 watts and the 46 inch V5 models will consume 153 watts.  The 40 inch Sony V1 Bravia TV uses 217 watts and the 46 inch V1 uses 263 watts.  The V5 models were able to match and exceed the EnergyStar 3.0 specification by this reduction in energy.

These TVs will arrive in the U.S. within the first half of the year.  Prices are not yet known for the U.S. market.  But the TVs will be available in Japan starting February 20th.  The 40 inch will cost ¥210,000 (US$2,323) and the 46 inch will cost ¥280,000 ($3,098).

[via PC World]


For Those Travel With Other Apple Product Users: USB Travel Mate Adapter

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If you and a friend, spouse, or significant other like to travel together with your Apple products, then this might be the right gadget for you to buy.  This USB power adapter offers two ports to plugin your iPhone or iPod to charge in a wall.  The USB Travel Mate Adapter has foldable plugs, a blue LED indicator, comes with a travel bag, and has a removable car cigarette plg that can be rotated 180°.  This USH device is also compatible with other brands such as certain phones for Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry, HTC, Dopod, and the Sony Ericsson.

The price is only $25 and it comes with a user manual, connector tips x 5, a USB retractable cable, a USB charger, the car cigarette plug, and a carrying pouch.

Available at USB Geek


RIM Accepting Applications For BlackBerry Storefront

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Research In Motion is attempting to match the success made by the Apple iTunes App Store.  As you may know, over half a billion applications have been downloaded on the iTunes App Store already.  Now Research In Motion is accepting applicants for their application store.  Research In Motion’s store will be called the BlackBerry Storefront.  Applications have to be downloaded wirelessly to a BlackBerry smartphone and must be usable without requiring customization.

There is also a BlackBerry Fund that exists to promote companies to make applications for Research In Motion.  Supposedly the fund is about $150 million and was set up by Research In Motion, RBC, and Thomson Reuters.

More information about the application submissions can be found at:

[via GigaOm and VentureBeat]

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