Zune Sales Decrease $100 Million From Last Year

January 25 20092 Commented

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The Zune may soon be a device of the past as it continues to plummet in sales.  The almighty iPod and iPhone seems to keep consumers wanting more Apple and less Microsoft.  According to a report filed with the SEC, the revenue of the Zune for the 4th quarter was less than half of the previous year.  As a matter of fact the “Zune platform revenue decreased $100 million or 54% reflecting a decrease in device sales.”

Fortunately for Microsoft, the Entertainment and Devices Devision is still profitable thanks to the Xbox 360 and the PC platforms.  Revenue for the Xbox and the PC platform increased by 6% bringing them up to $2.2 billion.  Apple had about a 3% increase in iPod sales in the same period.

[via Engadget]


How Engineers Keep Their Dogs Busy

January 22 2009No Commented

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YouTube user lamgngo created this ball machine for his dog Jerry. It took him about two years of off and on work. The ball throwing gadget contains safety features such as IR proximity sensors. The expression of the dog when he runs back and forth is just priceless.


HTC G2 “Sapphire 2.0” Spotted Without A Physical Keyboard

January 21 2009No Commented

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HTC G2, the new edition to the family of Android-powered phones expected in May has been spotted by Engadget China.  The G2 appears to have a 3.2 megapixel camera, lacks a physical keyboard, and is dressed in glossy white paint.  Those are all the specs I can tell by the above screeenshot.

[via Engadget China]

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