Newman ManMan A1 Looks Like A Pink iPod

January 15 2009No Commented

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Hello, Newman!  Newman is best known for creating devices that resemble already existing products.  The latest victim is a product that resembles a pink iPod nano.  The product is called the Manman A1.  It looks like a blatant copy of the Apple-made product.  The only difference is that the song controls are on play/next/previous buttons rather than being controlled by the spin-wheel.

Newman claims that this product has a Smart Touch UI with a cover flow system.  The screen size is estimated to be about 2″.  The ManMan A1 has a RockChip RK2705 medi chip which makes it possible to play multiple video files.  The ManMan A1 will be available in China by the end of the month.  It’ll be avialable in pink & blue.

[via MP4Nation]

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