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The big picture: LG, Samsung to unveil 105-inch Ultra HDTVs

December 20 2013No Commented

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The “next big thing” is no exaggeration when it comes to describing the latest TVs from LG and Samsung. The two electronics giants are introducing mammoth Ultra HDTVs— as in 105 inches — for the consumer market next year. On Wednesday, LG revealed in a press release its first 2014 model television — a 105-inch […]


Belkin FlyWire Delayed Until August

April 16 2009No Commented

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About 15 months ago, Belkin introduced the FlyWire wireless HD/HDMI at CES 2008. However people are still waiting for it to ship. The FlyWire is supposed to take multiple HDMI inputs and stream them to HDTVs. Thx box runs on AMINMON WHDI. It won’t be arriving until August 2009 according to Belkin PR. The price […]