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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review

April 5 2014No Commented

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Late last year, a video showcasing the prototype of a modular phone – Phonebloks – circulated virally around the Web. The idea of a phone that can be whatever you want it to be definitely met with approval, and we might soon see it turn into reality, thanks to Motorola. Samsung seems to have the same […]


Zune HD Specifications Unveiled

April 16 2009No Commented

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Microsoft is working on a new Zune code-named “Zune HD.”  However it may have a hard time competing against the iPod and iPhone because it looks like it may not have features that immediately distinguishes itself from the rest of the other digital music devices.  The known specifications include: – 3.6″ OLED full touchscreen – […]

DeliciousDiggShare Unleashes The Kindle 2

February 9 2009No Commented

Categorized Under: Handhelds Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has introduced the Amazon Kindle 2 device today.  The device has a much slimmer design than the previous Kindle.  Page turns are faster and the battery life is longer.  There is over 7 times the storage from the last Kindle.  Over 230,000 books are available now for about $9.99.  About 103 of […]